ATU presents five car care tips

| April 16, 2012

Car polish does not alone

Many vehicles have suffered in the cold season. It is time for thorough car wash. The experts of ATU Auto-parts Unger call the five most important car care measures.

Ensure good visibility. Blend and lubricating films on the windshield can become untouchable risk. Ideal for car care after the winter is a special car glass cleaner, streak-free and easy to carry away the silicones, oils and soot. Also important is to control the functionality of the front and rear wiper blades. A high quality reliable window cleaner dissolves all steadfast stains and prevents the clogging of the nozzles of the windshield washer.

car care tips

Car Care by a specialist

Change to summer tires. The daily temperatures are almost entirely in country already in double digits – no direct car care, but the time for winter tires, the tire depot or on the rims tree to move. Summer tires offer the warm and mild seasons a shorter braking distance, more grips, less wear and tear, lower fuel consumption and higher driving comfort. Control fluids. The fluid levels have to be right. Pour enough engine oil and coolant. If this should be done by a professional: The ATU thorough spring-check for 1490 € also includes the testing of battery, alternator, suspension, belts, exhaust system, brakes, tires and lights.

Time for car polish and car wax

Car wash. Road salt is particularly aggressive, which were felt pads and brake hard. Needed now is thorough underbody wash. The seams of the hood and trunk lid, door thresholds and rubber seals are not to go there.

Polishes. After the car wash the paint with car polishes to trim a high gloss. Minor damage from stone chips can be repaired with a paint pen, with dents and scratches; we recommend an effective and inexpensive method of smart repair ATU. After the car polishing provides car wax with natural wax fractions, which is easy to handle and seal the car paint will shine and protection.

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