Before buying auto look at the odometer

| September 24, 2011

The first thing we’re going to look at when buying a used car is the number of kilometers covered by the medium. For us it is a landmark as the car will have traveled fewer miles and more we could be sure to do the purchase. But there is a phenomenon that always leads with the passing years have not yet found and is limited to the alteration of the odometer.

Just as we stated above, even for a dealer, a dealer, a car with just a few kilometers is easier to sell and change the “counter” the car is worth more as an opportunity to place the half.


How to defend against this problem? First of course, a tip would be to turn to reliable dealers or resellers, who can guarantee the actual miles the car although it might have been doctored by those who have previously.

To be more quiet, the cars of the last generation offer the possibility to track through certificates of interventions carried out in the guarantee mileage as the official operations are stored in the central system of the automobile, would be enough to go to an authorized dealer or authorized by a workshop house to do a check.

Of course, needless to say that many times it is also important to open our eyes and ears so not to expect: When we are faced with a car several years but with a few kilometers in doubt should go there.

For the more experienced then you just look at the engine and wear of some parts to see if has the same ground or not the number of miles indicated by the odometer.

Fortunately, the competition authority and the market is starting to see cases of counterfeit odometer with heavy penalties that might befall not only with those who committed it to the source, but even going to punish the professional dealers found weaknesses in controls that have damaged the purchaser and punishing them with fines that can be as high as 50 000 euros.

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