BMW 5 Series Touring: Versions

| November 10, 2012

BMW is a manufacturer that throughout its history has shown what he can do, constantly surprising with each of their models and remaining as a benchmark moment undisputed. All segments are occupied by BMW, but the MPV sector, but this does not mean that we do not find products of the German family. The BMW 5 Series Touring is one of them, a full-blown brake that has undergone a renovation blunt this year and demonstrating its intention not to be intimidated by the competition increasingly tightens.

BMW Touring models is convincing as the 3 Series Touring, with features more than enough to get what he has been doing so far, succeeding in international markets, especially in Europe, driven by the high class and stylish. Families, who have moved into one of these, know what drive and be driven by a vehicle that exudes.

The BMW 5 Series Touring goes further than the 3 Series, following the lines of conventional options, so we found a vehicle with dimensions larger, higher capacity, and a range of custom engines to meet all its assigned functions.

bmw 5 series touring


It is important that any vehicle conditions, especially if the segment is part of the family, can be configured with a wide of variations to choose by customers or interested in such a vehicle. The 5 Series Touring generations has several options, each interesting and oriented to different types of families and their interests.

BMW 520i Touring: It is equipped with a gasoline engine with an output of 184 hp, to generate a performance of heart, despite being one of the poorest so that makes power.

BMW 525d Touring: Represents the diesel version with a maximum power of 218 hp, an option that European demand has to be a family in which the whole family up. There are also available with xDrive technology.

BMW 528i Touring: Again this is a petrol version with an output of 245 hp and capable with optional xDrive.

BMW 530d Touring: It has a diesel engine of a total output 258 hp with the possibility of opting for the xDrive.

BMW 535d Touring: It is an even more powerful version of the family, equipped with a 313 hp diesel engine and also with xDrive.

BMW 535i Touring: Represents the option with more features, thanks to a gasoline engine with an output of 306 hp.

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