BMW ActiveHybrid 7 2013: Equipment and extras

| December 17, 2012

Since BMW and Toyota have narrowed their hands to generate future vehicles, there has been progress both manufacturers have been involved in the hybrid segment and the German firm has launched a new product to enjoy a high class sedan with hybrid engine and considerable efficiency. This is the new BMW ActiveHybrid 7, and represents the largest choice in the segment, with adequate benefits and standard equipment completely comforting. The hybrid version of the 7 Series retains a similar size.

When you look at a BMW, seek quality above all, both in its details as in the finishes of the exterior and interior of the vehicle so that when talking about the new ActiveHybrid 7 there are not in the exception. The German company shows an enviable interest to create vehicles that are consolidated as the undisputed referents time.


Toyota is the manufacturer now offers a more efficient hybrid models and evolving, and we can see if you look at the Toyota Auris Hybrid itself, which is already about to leave the next generation of compact.

Standard Equipment

When configuring the BMW ActiveHybrid 7, start from standard equipment we can expect that incorporates all the elements to enjoy a safe and comfortable inside the cabin. These are the elements found in the BMW vehicle:

  • Alloy wheels double-spoke
  • Alarm with Remote
  • Opening / closing trunk automated
  • Automatic closing of doors
  • Sunblind for the rear window
  • Auto-dimming mirrors
  • Electric seat adjustment
  • Heated drivers seat with memory
  • Air conditioning with 4-zone control
  • Park Distance Control (PDC)
  • Navigation system
  • Professional speaker system BMW
  • Connecting to Bluetooth and USB devices
  • Velorus mats
  • Specifications for smokers
  • Anti-theft wheel bolts

The interior of the new ActiveHybrid 7 is ideal for the most demanding drivers, who need to be accompanied at all times of the most technologically advanced. The interior of the hybrid sedan has all the elements for the comfort and luxury you can imagine.

Packages and Extras

As always, we offer from BMW extras to ensure that the product meets our needs. Though we were in front of a hybrid sedan, as the case of the ActiveHybrid 7, we can enjoy a totally sporty driving, thanks to the packages we have available.

We have at our disposal the M Sport package, which will be responsible to offer the most experience driving through BMW’s new hybrid sedan. But we also have many other options to complete the internal fit of the model. We found from the simplest elements like sun protection glazing, to more complex devices, such as the Internet system in the cockpit, or mobile device to the rear seats.

Thus, the BMW 7 Series hybrid vehicles is one of the most complete in the moment, although it is true that exclusivity is paid, and in this case, we have 101,000 euro to enjoy this German model.

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