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| September 19, 2011

The light of your cars can always break even. In such cases it is good if you have a set of spare bulbs for your Vehicle type with you. The set you get in your garage. Make sure that it exactly matches the range of your car.

car bulb

Familiarize yourself with the bulb replacement:

Not all cars can change the bulbs easily, a fact that is downright embarrassing for the car manufacturers. See why in time to the instruction manual, if and how do you change the lamp yourself and what tools you will need.

If the car manufacturer allowed to change the bulbs yourself, you take a little time and look at the engine compartment and the rear of the points on which it arrives to replace the lamp. This facilitates the later orientation, if one bulb really gives up the ghost once.

Incidentally, it is always helpful if you have a flashlight in the car. The car should always be a flashlight. You can help in many cases. Therefore, you should put a flashlight into the car. Reason number one is security: the case of a breakdown or an accident at night you have to always light the torch here.

Likewise, you can make the lamp always good service if you are traveling in the dark. For instance, when you are looking for a house number and the remaining light is not sufficient. Even without the interior light or the See in the engine compartment provides a flashlight valuable help.

What sort of torch should take?

Flashlights with normal batteries are only useful if you store batteries and bulb separately. Otherwise, the batteries are empty and then you just have no light, if you really need it.

Makes more sense to use a torch that is independent of power suppliers. Such models are, for example with a hand crank, which in turn provides power to a battery, which in turn consumed by the lamp. If that cranking is too strenuous, you should choose a lamp that can recharge the car’s cigarette lighter and connect.

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