Car wash – What do you recommend

| January 1, 2012

Choose a car wash specifically

Car washes can be found quickly and in large numbers. Wearied when choosing a car wash to be considered?


Many European country favorite children – the car – will be maintained. Not only for the visual appearance, and for the value received is recommended the regular use of car washes. This is environmentally friendly and less time consuming than the self-guided through car wash. Also, because of Traffic Safety the car wash is important: Clean vehicles be better recognized – especially in dark sky and cruddy weather. When choosing the car wash you should make sure that the paint is protected. This works best with foam-fiber cleaning or dry cleaning. It leaves much less particles and produces the least wear. But also regularly renewed problems for the paint brushes and often achieve very good results visually.

The starting – important feature for good car wash

It is important that the car washes offer a good pre-wash. Then you can remove stubborn dirt better. Often the pre-wash by hand with Steam radiators carried out. Take care that this is done carefully and employees to invest time. This lets you know good car wash facilities.

What gives the overall impression of the car wash?

Be careful what picture the car wash provenance. Is the environment clean, make the device a modern and clean impression, the service is friendly? This usually reveals a lot about it, which overall is the condition of car washes.

Check also slightly heavier accessible places of the vehicle after the journey through the car wash. If also fenders or thresholds are clean, then the car wash is doing a good job and you can go the next time peace of mind again.

Range of services and compare prices of car washes

Of course it also depends on the price: Compare everything that belongs to the range of services: pre-wash, underbody protection, Gloss polish. Many car washes offer complete packages, but with varying benefits. Also, subscription cards, and even flat rates offered by some operators. Look closely and you expect to. The Automobile Club also led regular Comparison test.

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