Category: Auto Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in your car maintenance

| June 26, 2014

The system air conditioning works vehicles transforming the hot outside air into cold air or vice versa. This is done by a gas flowing through the circuit as this is composed of flexible tubes are favored the leak. The air conditioning system comprises the following elements: Cabin Filter: filters the air, pollen, dust and oil […]

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Cooling your Enclosure Using Air to Air Heat Exchange

| June 20, 2014

If the environment surrounding your NEMA enclosure is not ideal for the equipment to run efficiently, it may be cooler but dirtier than the typical component air should be, then closed loop cooling should be employed. This form of cooling simply means forcing the cooling to take place by pushing the air through the installation […]

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Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

| April 15, 2014

With its fifth model of “Les Legends Bugatti” series, the French brand has revived the legendary Type 18 “Black Bess,” which went down in history of the automobile as one of the first super cars street. The Bugatti Type 18 “Black Bess” was one of the major Bugatti models before the war, to go ahead […]

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New Chevrolet Cruze: Delayed until 2015

| July 22, 2013

New Chevrolet Cruze: Delayed until 2015. The Chevrolet Cruze has become one of the most popular models of the American firm, convincing also in Europe and getting maintained at all times in a good position in the fight to conquer the segment saloons. Its modern lines on the outside of the body and cabin cozy […]

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Air conditioning or climate control?

| August 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

The air conditioning is a must when buying a car. The possibility to cool the passenger compartment even at high ambient temperatures down to a comfortable medium, increasing the well-being and ability to concentrate. Retrofitting is possible but not worthwhile because of the separate cooling circuit, which obstruct the installation of a compressor and a […]

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