Category: Auto Care

Battery terminals cleaned your car

| July 7, 2014

If you want to extend the battery life of your car all possible, you should perform some simple maintenance tasks that take longer to break down. Among other things, you should clean the terminals. We tell you how to do it yourself and with the utmost security. Caring for the battery of our car is […]

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So it sounds this could be the fault of your car

| July 3, 2014

A very useful tool that poses the web to propose a library of anomalous sounds of vehicles is identified by a series of mechanical problems that your car can suffer. The utility for the driver is clear: identify the sound, know what the possible problem and solution put to it to prevent even worse damage […]

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Keeping your car what you should not forget

| June 30, 2014

Anything is susceptible to damage by rubbing vibration, movement or degradation, and should correspond to the wear usage tires, discs and pads, oil filters, spark plugs-in-gasoline engines, brakes, clutch, shock absorbers and straps. Other must endure, except failure as injectors, water pump or gas, the turbo or the electronic control unit. Among the expensive but […]

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How to update your home stereo

| June 29, 2014

If your car radio is turn of the century and only plays CDs do not worry, there are many options to expand your chances of playing radio without having to buy another and much less buy a new car. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate 2014, the family wins the AMG package. More and more lengthen the life […]

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Air conditioning in your car maintenance

| June 26, 2014

The system air conditioning works vehicles transforming the hot outside air into cold air or vice versa. This is done by a gas flowing through the circuit as this is composed of flexible tubes are favored the leak. The air conditioning system comprises the following elements: Cabin Filter: filters the air, pollen, dust and oil […]

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BMW M4 Convertible 430 hp

| June 25, 2014

We know the starting price of the new BMW sports convertible, the M4 Convertible. With a retractable hard top that opens in 20 seconds and an output of 430 hp under the hood, the first units of BMW M4 convertible will arrive early next September. BMW and supports new orders Cabrio M4 though the first […]

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Say hello to the new Navara Nissan NP300

| June 12, 2014

To segment the Nissan pick ups is very important especially in some Asian markets. After several weeks showing teasers and videos that let us see roughly forms, now the latest generation Navara is a reality. Currently Nissan has presented the body double cab and extended cab but is provided a complete family that adapts to […]

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Test Subaru BRZ Sport Manual

| May 26, 2014

We tested one of the most effective and fun of recent years released in automobiles. Subaru bet for sports product for day to day to reach all kinds of drivers. The project design of this car came from very strict specifications technical conditions. The engine and dynamism should be the center of the project. Subaru […]

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Nissan Pulsar The new Japanese compact

| May 21, 2014

The expected C-segment model of Nissan’s official, after many years of speculation and different voices, and more recently a teaser ahead of time that its look finally materializes and we can enjoy some of the main advantages of the face in order to compete in the highly competitive segment is C. The design is successful […]

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The laser light is already on the R8

| May 14, 2014

Audi readies its laser illumination system and the premiere will be in charge of the Audi R8 equipped with the V10 engine, shared with the BMW i8 the characteristic of being a sports laser illumination. The Audi R8 is closely linked to innovation as regards to lighting systems. Now when it was introduced in 2008, […]

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