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BMW 7 Series will come in 2015

| August 5, 2014

We anticipate the first information representative of the sedan brand Munich, a model that will suffer a significant reduction in weight in the center of other innovations. The BMW 7 series is almost untouchable model for the German brand. In fact, it is the only model sedan variety that does not have high performance version […]

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Contact BMW X4

| July 20, 2014

If a few years ago when someone referred to a coupe quickly knew what he was talking about, this time it is necessary to clarify in more detail? The traditional three volumes with two side doors and dynamic style are less and less and instead vehicles are taking it with four doors with further refuse […]

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Shooting Brake Mercedes CLA, almost bare

| July 6, 2014

The Shooting Brake Mercedes CLA is a project that is already in the final stages of development. As I overtook him, this variant of the Class A (and in a sense, also the CLA) will have everything necessary to be considered a success in Europe, the main market is doomed. Finalizing testing on the ‘Ring, […]

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Motor Trend dares with Ferrari

| July 5, 2014

At this point that’s sure one can begin to be tired of hearing data, details, see photos on the last great Ferrari to hit the market a baptized by the Italian company vehicle as Ferrari a name undoubtedly makes clear that if today were to create a street vehicle like no other on the planet […]

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| June 17, 2014

With its contoured design more clarity and extraordinary performance, the new BMW X6 strengthens its position as a vehicle that allows the driver to enjoy a particularly unique way. The second generation of the Sports Activity Coupe, of which nearly 250, 000 copies sold, has a special status among the BMW X models, which is […]

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BMW gives the bell with the laser beam beating Audi

| June 9, 2014

With the BMW i8 presented for some time but not yet delivered the first units to customers, as you remember, one of its most innovative betting was the embodiment of a laser beam, which is why Audi took the opportunity to accelerate the development of your headlights with the same technology to stay ahead of […]

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2014 Mazda CX9 Front Side

| June 5, 2014

LEON, Guanajuato with a distance of 1,000 kilometers, we evaluated the utilitarian Mazda CX9 SUV 2014 updated design that corresponds to the third evolution, modern style. It is equipped with a six-cylinder 3.7 L DOHC 24-valve VVT ​​273 bhp base price $ 430.900. We evaluated the Grand Touring 2WD $ 521.900. The first thing that […]

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BMW X4 Introduction

| June 2, 2014

Building on the success that the BMW X6 scored in 2008 to establish the segment of sports activity coupe (SAC) the new BMW X4 to this category is as the first SAC Premium medium that has all the characteristics of the X models an unmistakable exterior design and unmatched dynamic performance. Seen in profile the […]

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Ferrari 412 pick-up

| May 25, 2014

London Super car Workshop has created a unique and unexpected pattern, become a Ferrari 412 pick-up to make the work more enjoyable. The new History Channel program called “Ultimate Wheels” and has the support of the London Motor Museum and London Super car workshop. The will and Elo program will create the wildest cars, figment […]

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BMW i8: starts production

| May 22, 2014

To date, the German manufacturer has changed his own philosophy and is currently in the range BMW incorporates a series of updated modern look with a few products and services to match what we’re looking for. However, with the emergence of i3 is changing course, and even more with the BMW i8. What began as […]

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