Category: Auto Safety

How to prevent accidents on the way to work

| August 4, 2014

Did you know that the labor cost of these temporary low amounts to over 148 million euros? Or what is the same, more than 2,800 euros per accident. Low labor accident is the most common traffic blow back range that produces cervical sprain or minor trauma. Most of these accidents happen in shifts between 8 […]

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Tips for driving in snow

| July 21, 2014

The snow provides a little more grip the ice, but we should take the same precautions move gently addressing the curves at low speed and not make a fuss with the steering wheel will be our maximum. The result of snow on the tire is very alike to the mud. The tire must penetrate the […]

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What happens if you take diesel to a petrol car

| July 17, 2014

Although it is difficult to occur because the mouths of the fuel lines are different in some older cars may still be possible to take a car diesel fuel by mistake. Probably you happen to rent a car or drive a vehicle with fuel different from yours. That is why we explain in detail what […]

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What to do if the car does not brake

| July 16, 2014

Learn what to do if the car does not stop you give resources to respond to one of the most dangerous situations that you may face a driver. There are several techniques that can get you the car is losing speed if it reaches the status of brake failure. Good brake maintenance is keys to […]

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When would you have preferred to drive?

| July 15, 2014

The general rule of priority we have all more or less clear. The preference has that drive on the right. But there are exceptions and casuistry everyday is extensive. In narrow and steep sections the climbing In particular narrow track sections where no fit two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction without signaling who has […]

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Tips for older drivers

| July 2, 2014

Traffic accidents in the case of older people are more serious than in other age groups. Although they are only involved in 10 percent of accidents with victims representing 27 percent of the deceased while they have been involved mostly in urban roads, is on interurban roads where there have been most deaths 64 percent. […]

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Factors that make your car comfortable future

| June 28, 2014

A perfect seat for one person may be something like a rack for another short, taller thicker or with a back or neck problem. We must flee from the very soft upholstery which weary us on a long journey and verify that allow us to support good thighs, hips, lower back and upper back without […]

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Intel launches automotive innovation

| June 7, 2014

In order to accelerate innovation to future autonomous vehicles, Intel corporation today announced the availability of the product family of hardware and software called Intel in-vehicle solutions as well as additional investments and technological research designed to help drivers charged in the vehicle displayed improved information roadside assistance and eventually in the autonomic control. The […]

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Proposals to improve road safety

| April 2, 2014

The second Spanish edition of the handbook of road safety measures is a work that enables road safety professionals has reliable information to determine the most effective measures to saving lives and to quantify the gains traffic. Each year, about 1.3 million people die worldwide and 50 million others are injured in traffic accidents. Many […]

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Four signs that you’ve chosen the right garage to service your car

| March 4, 2014

When it’s time to service your car, there are a number of things you’ll need to take into consideration. Firstly, you’ll want to ensure that the garage is reliable and offers good value for money but you’ll also want to ensure that any work done is completed to the highest standard and promises a safe […]

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