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Keys to revalue your car before selling

| July 22, 2014

Are you going to sell your car? While it is true that from the first moment that a new car leaves the dealer is losing some of its value, you should know that following a series of small instructions, you can get revalue. Before placing the sign for sale or promote your used car on […]

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Los Angeles limousine

| June 26, 2014

Los Angeles is a wonderful vacation destination with all kinds of attractions to see and things to do. With a Los Angeles limousine service you will be able to enjoy all the sights around the city including the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard, Kodak Theatre, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the […]

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When to change the timing belt car

| June 18, 2014

The timing belt car is responsible for ensuring the synchronization between the intake phase of the fuel-air mixture (camshaft) and the movement of the valves with the crankshaft rotation and movement of the pistons. Overall, it is an element of the car that we do not usually pay much attention for their long life and […]

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Intel launches automotive innovation

| June 7, 2014

In order to accelerate innovation to future autonomous vehicles, Intel corporation today announced the availability of the product family of hardware and software called Intel in-vehicle solutions as well as additional investments and technological research designed to help drivers charged in the vehicle displayed improved information roadside assistance and eventually in the autonomic control. The […]

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How to get the best new car deal online

| May 30, 2014

Many people ask me how they can get a great deal on a new car.  It doesn’t come down to knowing the dealer or having information about what the dealer pays for the vehicle. Getting a great deal comes down to flexibility and timing. The first thing is that patient wins.  If you are in […]

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All Terrain Fire Trucks Have Multiple Uses

| March 4, 2014

Fires aren’t always found in easy to get to residential areas. In fact, many fires start out in the middle of nowhere. Some are the result of careless campers that didn’t extinguish their fires properly. Others are often created when a lightning storm comes into contact with dry plants that are easy to set ablaze. […]

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How to find and buy new car specials in your area

| February 18, 2014

New car specials are discounts and offers that automobile manufacturers, advertising partners and automotive dealers provide to people on new cars. These offers and discounts are often provided to help increase the sales of cars or during festive seasons. Some automotive manufacturers also provide new car specials when a newer model of the car is […]

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4 Things You Wish You’d Known Before You Bought Your Car

| January 24, 2014

A car is a necessity for many people. If you rely on your car to get to work, take the kids to school, visit family, go shopping, and go away on holiday then it makes sense to purchase a car you are truly happy with. A car is a big investment, whether it is new […]

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McLaren 12C Coupe and Spyder

| December 7, 2013

A couple of weeks we traveled to the city of Austin, Texas, for testing at the Circuit of the Americas a car that exudes sportiness everywhere 12C McLaren ago. We speak of a two-seater that has the fortune to take all the experience the brand has developed for F1 and incorporate it into a super […]

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Poison Lamborghini Roadster

| December 4, 2013

As part of the 50th anniversary of the original brand Bologna Automobili Lamborghini introduced the convertible one of the most extravagant super sports version in the history. Your name and your last name is poison roadster. It is one of the most exclusive cars in the world as only nine units will be built along […]

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