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Up close Porsche Cayman GT4

| June 1, 2014

During these last few weeks is creation a lot of sound the Porsche Cayman GT4. With the official confirmation and completion of the 4-cylinder Porsche will present almost certainly in less than a year all eyes are on this version of the Cayman which might debut worldwide this original engine. The Cayman GT4 is seen […]

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The Porsche Cayman is left sportier hunt

| May 15, 2014

The chance that much rumored Porsche finally dared to make a performance based version of Cayman. The railway obsession to keep protected 911 Cayman benefits have made ​​so far the product planners have always been a drag Porsche capabilities cheap coupe in its class to avoid fratricide. But after many requests customer and with the […]

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Mazda 3 sedan 2.0 of $ 236.900

| May 4, 2014

Leopoldo Orellana, president and CEO of Mazda Motor Mexico, said the May 1 version will be available with four-cylinder 2.0-liter 155 bhp Mazda 3 i sedan with a base price of $ 236.900. The company expects to reach 38,500 sales this year. Mazda introduced in January had their faces cuartro cylinder engine but 2.5 liters […]

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New Jeep Wrangler Polar

| March 30, 2014

There is a new special version of the legendary model of Jeep, a version specifically designed to overcome any weather troubles as those found in Antarctica. The Jeep brand introduced the special edition Wrangler Polar pad in Frankfurt and just is sold in the Spanish market from 44,927 euros in configuration of two and four-door […]

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2014 Lexus GS 450h

| February 13, 2014

The hybrid sedan incorporates new safety systems, such as traffic or alert after a new Head up Display Color, plus new exterior colors and new designs in alloy wheels. Lexus renews high performance hybrid sedan GS 450h 2014, incorporating safety systems that were released by the new Lexus IS 300h. In addition, the brand does […]

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The Evolution of the Car

| January 20, 2014

Sometimes it’s too easy to forget about the reliable vehicles that we hop into every day, and take them for granted. We’ve forgotten the intricacies of travel that existed before the car, and the limitations that lessened our mobility, and let it slip from our memory the ensuing social and economic effects that followed. We […]

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Fiat Palio vs New Volkswagen Gol

| December 1, 2013

The war that is being waged today in the subcompact segment is one of the tightest in recent years in our market. Although the models we face this time are not bestsellers also the fact that it is strong candidates because their styles each has definite and competitive prices on the market. Both come from […]

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Aston Martin CC100 Speedster

| November 25, 2013

The year was 1956 and Aston Martin began building a legend referred to as DBR1 was conceived for world championship sports car racing as well as some races out of this championship. Just 4 years after its origin achieved its first victory on the most important endurance race: the 24 hours. Now in modern times […]

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Solution Clean Charge electric car charging

| October 31, 2013

The platform is roaming Subject advance the creation of a European network load, allowing future users to charge their cars at all compatible charging points across Europe interconnection under a single contract. Electric cars can now be charged via electrical lines suppliers and national borders. This has already been demonstrated by BMW Group and Danish […]

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Opel Insignia OPC

| August 27, 2013

The Insignia OPC is the top model in OPC models. The four-wheel drive model makes its debut with a new look and modifications to the chassis at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt (12 to September 22). The new Insignia OPC comes with redesigned front and rear, with distinctive design elements of OPC as […]

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