Daytime running lights: What are they and how do they work?

| February 26, 2013

Daytime running lights: What are they and how do they work? Daytime driving lights or LCD are illuminated installed in the front of the car with the function of “make us more visible between sunrise and sunset”. Also became mandatory in all new cars. They consist of two projectors that use halogen or LED technology.

Daytime running lights

The location in the front of the vehicle, change from one manufacturer to another and may be positioned both within the lighting optic rest on the front or lower part of the bumper. If your vehicle does not, we can install it before the next review of the ITV. Know their correct use. Check them out.

Daytime running lights or LCD

The daytime driving lights or LCD  which means English DRL or ‘Daylight Running Lamps’ are lamps mounted on the front of the vehicle , and serve to see us and see the other cars in times of low light during the day , as at dawn or dusk. In addition, the LCD is switched to mandatory for all models manufactured in the European Union , as of February 2011 and since August 2012, including also presented as an obligation for all new buses and trucks .

Also consist of two projectors that use halogen technology or LED. On the other hand, his place in the front of the vehicle changes from one manufacturer to another, standing both within the optical or other Front Lighting at the bottom of the bumper, but still must comply with ECE R48 and lights ECE R87.

Installing daytime running lights

If we have in our car daytime running lights, we can always install a certified workshop with their certificates, according to the two rules we’ve seen before both the ECE R48 and ECE R87. Then you have made ​​the installation since it is a major reform in the vehicle, we are required to pass the reform ITV , where is checked for proper operation to include it in our vehicle technical and legally run with daytime running lights open road thanks to this vehicle road worthiness .

If your installation is successful, will turn on automatically when booting the car and also turn off automatically when you light the lights and crossing , as occurs in vehicles and this feature comes standard, but in some cars, operate at both as daytime running lights and position.

Correct use with low beam

Thus, the daytime running lights are automatically activated when starting the vehicle, and do not need regular review. However, the ability of lighting is poor, so do not ever replace the low beam if low visibility conditions.

Daytime running lights01

Finally, when we enter into tunnels must also turn on the low beam, and in poorly lit roads as the rear lighting is off, limiting our visibility to other drivers who follow us or we want to advance. In conclusion, the LCD is somewhat annoying when you go in broad daylight on the road but their binding have been put to something essential to incorporate all new cars and must incorporate almost all old. Fashions in automotive technology have created daytime running lights.

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