DSX Citroen Concept

| February 5, 2013

DSX Citroen Concept: debut at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013. Citroen Concept will DSX platform Peugeot 2008, but with premium aspirations, and mounted hybrid engines in the range and with versions 4 × 2 and 4 × 4. The concept still, will be released in early 2014. The project arose around a ready platform, which is currently used in the Citroen DS5. Find out, before the next edition of the Shanghai Motor Show 2013.

DSX Citroen

DSX, will debut in Shanghai 2013
In the Asian sample, not only submit to the new platform, also mounted on the Citroen DS5 , but also the possibility of a drive to four-wheel drive system in the hybrid diesel-electric , while gasoline and diesel engines would occur only with front-wheel drive.

The presentation at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show in the month of April , first open the Asian market around 2014, while for Europe would come a little later . It will be the first debut for Citroen SUV segment in important dimensions, as it presented a C-Crosser , to stand up to the Peugeot 4007 Mitsubishi Outlander or the recently replaced it with a new generation.

Regarding the engines available, plus a full range of diesel and gasoline four-cylinder, and the renowned Motor Hybrid4, the diesel-electric hybrid, will premiere a new gasoline-electric hybrid engine, recently developed by PSA.

The DSX Citroen will feature front-wheel drive versions and comprehensive, both 4 × 2 and 4 × 4, when it goes on sale in major markets, including these China and Europe in early 2014. In fact, a SUV of 4 and 70 meters long, will be able to join in the struggle between Germans melons as Audi Q5, BMW X3 or Mercedes GLK
DS will be presented alongside the Coupe

With the DS range to be closed on both sides, with the future presentation of DS1 and DS6, Citroen has already thought of alternative ways to increase its catalog. Apart from the future SUV will also launch a coupe in 2014 DS with Premium credentials, but with a lower price than the German rivals.

DSX Citroen01

Another issue is much different, is that the French firm dares to take this step by the current economic situation, and the happy crisis, which is causing real havoc on transalpine company accounts. We bet it is, but what we expect is playing the lowly mortals. Nevertheless, Shanghai 2013, the new Citroen DSX will.

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