Ferrari F138: Alonso’s car for this season

| February 4, 2013

Ferrari F138: Alonso’s car for this season. Three seasons in the shadow of Red Bull, leaving behind the Austrian team and seeing Sebastian Vettel, with varying domain, ends up winning the world championship, are already too many.

Ferrari F138

Ferrari wants to reverse this situation by putting in the hands of Fernando Alonso the Ferrari F138, a car with which you are confident that the Spaniard would take them to the top and better be because if it is more than likely to roll over a head between team officials. For this reason, the pressure will be high in the team for Il Cavallino.

In fact, this season will mark the end of an era in the world of Formula 1, as it will be the last in which engines have eight cylinders in vee. A final campaign that also could mark a sea change in the structure of team, which only seems that Fernando Alonso, is untouchable, not to give the expected results. And a team like Ferrari, the only expected result is the victory, the championship title at least the individual and if possible also the constructors.

Introducing the new Ferrari F138
As with all other teams, the presentation of a racing car should always take it as a media event, which will not reveal all the new features of the fireball when the season really begins, as it is with the McLaren MP4-28. In fact, it is logically so, as work continues on improvements and not want to put all the cards on the table, not to get to ‘inspire’ to some rivals.

So in this new Ferrari F138 still are many changes, especially in terms of aerodynamics. But yes we can ask some idea of how the new nose, really complex and elaborate. We also have a good example of the evolution in the air intakes of the pontoons and the side plates that protect them as well as gills and the exhaust system with very elongated Coanda effect.

No wind tunnel itself
One of the most intriguing aspects of this Ferrari F138 is that it has not been validated in the wind tunnel itself of the Italian brand, as it has in his work until next summer. Therefore have had to resort to having Toyota in Cologne to test all aerodynamic components, trusting that these data are a good prediction of what will be able to offer the new car of Fernando Alonso Ferrari when you try to make the most of the asphalt.


To this end, the Spaniard will have to make the most double DRS system, a mechanism used by Lotus and Mercedes last season, getting cool around the KERS system, technologies that the Italian brand is going even Ferrari Enzo successor. Another detail which is fixed Ferrari other equipment is in the gearbox, very low and compact, in-line using the Williams. Hopefully these ideas taken advantage of the experience of other teams deliver the expected results, because another blank year would be too much for Ferrari.

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