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| December 17, 2012

If it seems like everyone gets “expert advice” from the internet these days, that’s probably because it’s true. The internet has become more than just a place to get news and read celebrity gossip, but a legitimate method of sourcing information used in the daily lives of billions of people around the world. Sure, you can buy a plane ticket online, but you can also consult with a medical doctor about that rash that won’t go away. So why not find answers to your motor related questions on the internet as well? That is, if you can find a reputable source.

Online trade magazines are an obvious first step into the online world of motor advice. Such magazines can give you the latest news on new models, international car shows, and other miscellaneous motor related topics. Articles on DIY tips can be helpful, but they may not give you that direct human contact necessary, if you have an important motor related question and need advice immediately.

In that case, it’s helpful to be aware of the online resources your car’s manufacturer may have. Many car manufacturers like BMW and Land Rover have blogs, Youtube channels, and other fun and interactive, yet informative online venues where drivers can learn more about how to take care of their vehicles. Some manufacturers even have online resources where drivers can email mechanical questions, or check the dates of when they’re next routine maintenance appointment has been scheduled.

Depending on the type of insurance you have, you may even have online car insurance resources as well. Say you’ve gotten into an accident. Some insurance companies now allow their drivers to fill out their claim forms online. You may get a follow up call to formalize the claim, but for the most part, accident claims can be completely handled online. Roadside assistance tips and directions are also often readily available online.

Familiarize yourself with the online resources available to you through your insurance or your car’s manufacturer. In your research, you may even find yourself a blog or a magazine to become a fan of as well.

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