Goodyear: New tires with soybean oil

| July 27, 2012

Manufacturers of automotive tires ever achieve the same output with less costs and more conscious about the environment. In this section, Goodyear takes the cake as it announced the manufacture of some new tires, which reduce the amount of oil used, and the incorporation of soybean oil, to extend the life of our tires and protect our planet. In up to 10% longer life, and reduce oil use no less than 26.5 million liters per year. It started with production in Texas, USA, and if all goes well, will in all markets from 2015. New tires, greener.

New tires with soybean oil

Goodyear Company wants to reduce the amount of oil from the tires and include soybean oil in the production process, which would lengthen the life thereof and protect the environment.

The innovation center of the same company, his research has shown that the use of this oil increases by 10% the life of the wheels. Be launched to market in 2015, reducing oil use in the manufacture in 26.5 million liters per year.

goodyear new tires with soybean oil

Moreover, the tires made with soybean oil are mixed better with the silica, a component in the manufacture of tires, assuming an improved efficiency for the company and a reduction in energy consumption and pollutant emission for protection environment.

From Goodyear

“The consumers benefit from increased tire life, Goodyear gets better efficiency and energy savings and we all win when you reduce the impact on the environment,” stressed Jean-Claude Kihn, Goodyear’s chief technical officer. And, the efficiency of the tire is important for consumption.

The prototypes of these tires manufactured in Lawton, will be tested in the coming months in the field testing Goodyear in San Angelo, Texas. If they are approved, may sell their tires made by Goodyear with soybean oil from 2015.

The tire company has the support in the form of a grant from United Soybean Board, USB (Soybean Export Council) with a value of $ 500,000 for the next two years, as announced by the manufacturer. The next 6 and 7 August will be shown all this, at a public event of the mark.

New initiatives, less pollution

Along with this great initiative of Goodyear, the company DuPont Industrial BioIsoprene Biosciences is working to develop a revolutionary alternative to biological and Isoprene, oil, used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber and other elastomers, which will help reduce dependence oil.

In addition to technology Air Maintenance Technology (AMT), which will keep the tires inflated to optimum pressure without external pumps or electronics, like pressure self-managed manufactured by Goodyear, or to puncture from Pirelli.

There are providing a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, with an increased life of the tire and an improvement in safety and performance. New initiatives, less pollution.

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