Google Self-Driving Car

| February 9, 2013

That the commitment to go beyond Google web searches and online advertising is now well known. One of the most interesting futuristic and have come to life in recent years about the so-called Mountain View Google Self-Driving Car , a car able to drive completely independently, without human intervention.

Google Self-Driving Car

The intention of Bigg is to refine the technology to allow its debut on the market within the next three to five years, but before then it will be necessary to solve certain problems of a legal nature. Needless to say, the debut of a four-wheel driven by a software represents a revolution in transportation. The insurance company, for example, will have to completely rework the dynamics of allocation of liability in case of accident.

NHTSA (U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the U.S. government agency that is responsible for safety on the road, also calls on guarantees precise ‘reliability of the system. For this reason, Google has already asked for and received permission to start the testing on the asphalt of California, Nevada and Florida.

The project is back to talk about last week, the product manager Anthony Levandowski, at the Society of Automotive Engineers meeting staged in Washington, reiterating that the aim of Bigg is not to jump into the production of four wheels, but to continue the development of technology equipped by Google Self-Driving Car . Here is a translated excerpt of his speech.

Google Self-Driving Car01

We are aiming at the creation of cars capable of driving more safely than people do. It is not able to promise that you will have a model in the garage next year. Forecast is to make technology available by 2018, but at this time we do not know how.

The priority of Google is therefore to create a system that can help reduce the number of accidents on American roads, which each year cost the lives of over 33,000 people. On this aspect Levandowski has not leaked anything.

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