How do you recognize faulty wheel bearings?

| September 19, 2011

As the name implies, wheel bearings are the bearings on which the wheels of a vehicle are attached. They ensure that the wheels run smoothly. Wheel bearings are one of the wear parts. This means that the wheel bearings must be replaced regardless of any breakdown statistics in due course.

From outside, no discernible wear on the wheel bearings:

car wheel bearing

From the outside, damage or wear is not visible, because the wheel bearings are mounted on the inside of the rim. The result of worn wheel bearings is an uneven running of the wheels, this one does not feel at first, but you can hear it.

Especially in curves obtained by swiftly moves, a noise sounds similar to the rapid tapping of a woodpecker. The higher the velocity, the louder the noise. To locate the defective wheel bearing one pays most to what occurs in the noise curve. When a defect occurs on the right side of the noise in right-handers, and it silenced in left turns. Later come the sounds to even bend-free ride.

Defective or worn wheel bearings create a vehicle is not stopped immediately, but the noise is very unpleasant with time. Due to the uneven movement of the wheels is due to the reduced stability of the wheels also increases the rolling resistance, which is detrimental to fuel consumption.

In advanced stages of wear may be a canting of the wheel bearing the sequence, so that further movement impossible.

A change of the wheel bearings should only make those with expertise on repairs and maintenance of motor vehicles. Thus, a transition to the next workshop is usually inevitable.

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