How to spot a rigged speedometer

| September 3, 2011

The mileage of a used car is an important factor for prospective buyers. Clear that fraudulent car dealers exploit all technical possibilities to correct the mileage of a car down.

old speedometer

There are few other measures with so little effort, the sales value of Cars as noticeable. Thus, a providers of dubious magic in a few minutes from a scratchy representative vehicle a low mileage collector’s item. So you go with any used car speedometer manipulated into the trap, you should consider some things.

Find a manipulated Mileage:

The manipulation itself can not recognize you. Instead, you need to compare the alleged mileage with other information that the car or give away the papers.

Balance the general condition of the vehicle against the mileage on the speedometer off. How much the seats are worn, how well the shock absorbers are still working, how much are the floor mats and pedal rubbers worn? Just bring the clip you should totally new floor mats and rubber. Not uncommon to replace those at the contact line car to conceal.

Look at the checkbook of the car. This results in a coherent history or use the car in the first year is quite a lot and then barely been on the road?

Let us show you the car radio. In a typical representative of the vehicle, such as a diesel combined with a company owner is the probability for high mileage very large. Open the hood and look for stickers or labels for oil changes, timing belt replacement and the like. Compare where noted time points and mileage with the current value.

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