Keep windows free of ice of your car

| October 9, 2011

The car windows are iced over. It’s winter, it gets colder and by and large it is: the same procedure as every year. They are tired and could at least ten minutes in the morning save if this darn car windows were not frozen. Unfortunately, that will happen especially now more and more often and you should consider slowly but surely a solution that will satisfy. Because then you could set the snooze button twice more.

The following solutions are available:

The garage to go:

One car garage to go means a tent-like cap for your cars so that the discs do not freeze at night. This garage is it different in both versions at the hardware store and in good automotive aftermarket purchase. You have the choice between a “garage full” and a “half-garage”. They have an almost rectangular shape and be like a union or a tent put over your car.

car window

At the four corners should be in the best case are elastic cords with small hooks, which you can lock the garage. You can do this by attaching the hook or hook into the rim under the car. Now you should be ice-free morning, nothing could stand in the way of.

And if you want to drive off, just loosen fold hook, and from that into the trunk. Alternatively, you can also hang in the garage, the basement laundry to prevent mildew.

The cardboard sign:

A cardboard sign not only keeps out the cold in winter but the summer heat. You can buy the signs in different models, uncoated, coated, large and small, lined with aluminum, which looks like a blanket. You need the shield from the outside only put on the windscreen and clamp it with the wipers, then it should work. These signs can be in a good hardware store or the automotive aftermarket purchase.

The popular cardboard box you should use only if it stays dry and the temperatures well below 0 degrees. If it is namely in the evening or at night again above 0 degrees and raining, the cardboard will soak. Freezing temperatures drop again, set the cardboard on the window.


If it where you live no garaging for your vehicle to give you something to invest more and hire a real garage, with four walls and a garage.

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