Mercedes CL65 AMG 2013

| February 11, 2013

The progress that has made Mercedes star in each of the models presented to us. Now get to keep the bar at the top so much to increase competition by the ambition of other manufacturers to bet on the sports saloon segment Mercedes is still one of the major reference.

Mercedes CL65 AMG 2013

In the specific case of the CL65 AMG, find that it is one of the most prominent in the line, to present an ideal figure and attractive driver for anyone who is willing to enjoy the road exclusively. It also has of course, with a very high performance engine, to keep up with the rest of the series AMG models.

Aesthetics and dimensions
Lines presents the CL65 AMG, are very close to those that we find also in the new E63 AMG Model so that we can confirm that for now, the aesthetic that was chosen in the present generation, are the current trend. Like many of the sports that Mercedes offers in its range the CL65 AMG is made up a considerable length a low profile and narrow width following the shape of a full-fledged sport.

These are the exact details:
Overall length: 5106 mm
Width: 1871 mm
Height: 1428 mm
Before you go for buying any product from Mercedes, is important to review this information to ensure that we will fit in the garage, since they are the largest product segment.

Engine and performance
If aesthetically, the CL65 AMG and surprising, convincing finish when we unveil the engine installed in it. Is none other than a propeller biturbo 12V, capable of developing all the experiences we can imagine at the time of taking the wheel? These are benefits that develop:

Power: 630 hp
Maximum torque: 1000 Nm
Maximum speed: 250 km / h (electronically limited).
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 4.4 seconds Of course, some benefits are already imagined knowing that comes from an AMG-art, yet never ceases to amaze.

With regard to their consumption, the CL65 AMG requires 14.3 l/100km in mixed driving between urban and highway. Its CO2 emissions are at the 334 g / km.

Of the different sports coupes that Mercedes offers. The most unique of all is the CL65 AMG, beating at its price makes even the incredible SLS AMG . Thus far ranks as the most expensive product line within the segment AMG with a price of 264,853 euros our territory.

Mercedes CL65 AMG 2013. 01

This figure is compensated after all what the vehicle can do while driving.If we have enough money to buy a Mercedes quality unique and totally luxurious and we can keep it one of the best bets you can do is opt for the CL65 AMG not to mention the upcoming models that are about to Directions.

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