Mercedes SL65 AMG

| February 27, 2013

Mercedes SL65 AMG: Preparation with 800 hp. marks and car tuners prepare thoroughly for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, and apparently Brabus is well ahead on the curve of pitches in the aftermarket and has lids removed the Mercedes SL65 AMG.

 Mercedes SL65 AMG

As expected, it will come with a comprehensive list of updates. The aerodynamic package of carbon fiber has many components that modify the design and preparation engine AMG biturbo V-12, which is now capable of developing a maximum power of 800 hp. Find out before the European shows.SL 65 AMG, now with 800 hp

The official tuner of the star signing, Brabus has prepared the Mercedes SL65 AMG to make debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, which starts on March 7, with a duration of ten days. A surprise in the form of 621 hp Mercedes SL from home, the German coach has rising to 800 hp and torque of 1,100 Nm limited.

Along with this great preparation WIDESTAR Brabus called 800, we will see in the booth in the Swiss sample Brabus, the German coach will also further prepared, it is the Mercedes a 200 CDI. Brabus, and did the same with the Mercedes SL65 Black Series.

Aerodynamic Kit by Brabus

In this tuning, highlights the aerodynamic kit developed by Brabus, very attuned to the series model, which is introduced in the body of the Mercedes SL 65 AMG, through a new front and rear bumpers  the latter with diffuser included, besides a new hood , new side skirts and a spoiler topping the tailgate.

Moreover, outside the model update complete with a set of alloy wheels 20-inch , forged ‘Platinum Edition’ Monoblock R, and wrapped in a 255/30ZR tires in front and 305/25ZR behind.

Modifications to the engine

In paragraph engine, this Mercedes SL 65 AMG glow in the Swiss capital with a 6-liter V12 engine of 630 hp original  which Brabus has increased to 800 hp , with a torque of 1420 Nm, which is now limited to 1,100 Nm , becoming the new standard torque.

With this increase in power and a brutal design, the Brabus SL 65 AMG accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds  while the standard model accelerates in 4 seconds. While the maximum speed limit goes from 250 km / ha of 350 km / h.

Mercedes SL65 AMG01

The German tuner has used a T65 RS engine conversion including ECU software, new manifolds with integrated turbine housings with high performance turbochargers four inter coolers water-air system and a stainless steel exhaust. Find out in the gallery.


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