Mitsubishi L200 2012: Versions

| December 30, 2012

Initially when the vans appeared called “pickups” were specially designed and prepared for allocated to the commercial world, ideal for loading with material and tools, from one side to the other. With the passage of time has been preserved in this aspect but also a growing interest in these vehicles by the world of off-road enthusiasts. There a pickup that stands out above others for their qualities and one of them is the Mitsubishi L200, a vehicle that is able to face the large segment and shows proper aesthetics.

Using that we can give one of these models can be highly variable, and they all come equipped with everything enough to hold heavy weights in his drawer rear suspensions on special as SUVs, and ranges of engines ranging from the most basic equipping themselves to the real off-road machines.


Among the major figures, the Toyota Hilux is one of the most prominent, but the Mitsubishi L200 is also among the most sought after pickups in our territory. A wide range by making their versions, and especially engines that really convinced, are the main reasons to consider in favor of Mitsubishi pickup.


As found in other products segment, when the Mitsubishi L200 configure find different versions are distinguished by the level of equipment, the type of engine and cockpit that incorporates.

M-Pro Single Cab: This is the cheapest version incorporates all basic equipment. Its features in comfort and the fact of having a large single cab rear drawer front, is the most appropriate version to destine the commercial world.

M-Pro Double Cab: Acquires characteristics very similar to the previous version, but it reduces the length of the rear box to have four doors and a wider seat in the second row. You can assume the version you would choose if to use the vehicle for work but also for private use.

Double Cab Challenge: In this case we find that the vehicle comprises a drawer double cabin and shorter than the versions mentioned above. There assumes a version suitable for the particular use, increasing comfort in the cockpit.

Motion Crew Cab: This is the most complete and designed for private use and enjoyment of the SUV. Incorporates the maximum equipment inside, where we found a cabin crew cab. Outside include details like a high end pegs.

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