New Audi RS1: the SUV could be a reality

| December 5, 2012

Though the concept of the Audi A1 Quattro provoked a strong wave of reactions, not all positive, it seems clear that the German brand has not abandoned its plans to develop variants powerful and all-wheel drive of the smaller of its compact. Some rumors have again gaining strength after the appearance of these sketches in various specialized media, which could be the appearance of a new Audi RS1, with which the manufacturer reproduce the line-end extension and followed in the A3 and in the vast majority of its saloons.

At the time, the emergence of this video with the developments on the ice of the Audi A1 Quattro Concept raised many doubts about the commercial viability of this type of car, a small compact, but with AWD and a high-powered engine. Anyway, that line has been parked and while nobody dares to say whether these sketches correspond to the possible appearance of own production A1 Quattro, the Audi RS1 or even an Audi S1, which can be taken for granted concept is that this will result in a model going on sale end, whatever the final option chosen, if not end up being a reality the three alternatives.

audi a1 quattro

Extending the range of A1

The goal seems clear: expand the range of Audi A1. An expansion that would follow the usual pattern within the brand, adding S1 and RS1 versions, as has many other models of the brand. An extension that, however, it does prove, at least conceptually, something contrary to reason underlying the A1, when sought to provide a more accessible, with three-door body and a more reasonable price, which could touchdown serve new customers with Audi.

The movement itself is somewhat more understandable response to the latest data of car sales, which show how the segments of utility and compact SUVs are the only ones who resist the storm of the crisis. Thus, Audi would strengthen the position of its A1 model that could be considered a utility, while already working on possible Audi Q1 and Q2, proposals within the small SUV segment, where many battle looming.

Features new Audi RS1 possible

Reviewing images of the sketches, the fact is that the vast majority of analysts are inclined to think that correspond to future Audi RS1 by details like the five-spoke wheels, more aggressive design, rear skirts and rear spoiler, a number of elements that marrying with their idea of a model in Audi line ‘RS’. Just have a look at other models with the same proposal as the RS3, to find a reasonable likeness.

Anyway, so that we can finally see what lies beneath these sketches still need a good amount of time. The forecasts predict that this new Audi RS1, if production coming to end, is not submitted by the end of 2014 or 2015, accompanied by, yes, some of the Audi TTRS mechanical options.

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