New body kit and extra power

| January 30, 2013

Regulates The Exclusive car preparer wanted to join the long list of preparations and revisions with which already has the Porsche Panamera, presenting his version of this sporty coupe four doors. The Porsche Panamera Exclusive Regula has a new body kit that gives you nothing discreet appearance while also adding a large number of HP at a model that is extremely powerful series. A preparation is already available on the market Spanish at a very affordable price, when compared to the price that you already have the car.

New body kit and extra power 01

Here in Motorzoom, we have met some of the work Regulates Exclusive, car preparer often exaggerate some of the elements incorporated into their preparations. This was the case with the Audi R8 Exclusive Regula, incorporating 20-inch wheels that it was impossible to remain indifferent.

Body kit in two materials

Clearly, it is impossible to be discrete with a Panamera fluorescent green, the color chosen for the base body of this preparation, in contrast with graphite. A version that features a body kit for easy installation because it uses its own original anchors to replace these parts for a new side skirts and front and rear bumpers, elements can be chosen in carbon fiber or polyurethane flexible.

Externally, the set is finished with 22-inch wheels to match the body color, with an outside line in fluorescent green. A body kit that is available from these days at a price of 7,500 euros. Moreover, being of easy assembly, the delivery takes place in a short time, contrary to what happens with other preparations, in which the adjusting process is rather long.

Even more power

However, the team felt that even Exclusive Regulates could get more juice to your engine, and have been able to increase its power to 605 hp. A gain that lets you go from 0-100 km / h in just 4.2 seconds, a figure that places it among the fastest versions of the Porsche Panamera, a model that has already passed through the hands of many coaches.

New body kit and extra power02

This extra power will cost ‘only’ 1,700 euros, a low figure considering the price you have the car we’re talking about, which is very appetizing bite for those who want even more of his Porsche Panamera.

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