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| February 7, 2013

Good wood Festival of Speed 2013: Will we see the new Bristol? Or will there be some changes? Bristol is a UK firm unknown to most people despite having a long history spanning over 60 years .it will produce a hybrid super car Bristol by the end of this year.

the new Bristol

The debut date is set for the forthcoming Good wood Festival of Speed 2013, a motor event that is celebrated in the month of July. Some international publications the link to the project Namir Concept, presented at the Geneva Motor Show three years ago. Discover the new Frazer-Nash Bristol.

A Bristol Good wood Festival of Speed 2013
The British firm Bristol is full of history. After breaking a few years ago, a manufacturer of sports cars took over the firm. Frazer-Nash a company involved in the development of electrical systems for vehicles, and has confirmed that the future of Bristol for the festival of speed.

In the online edition of Auto car publication of which has been echoed by other magazines on line engine, the first model of the new Bristol Namir appear in the Good wood Festival of Speed 2013 , which opens its doors from 12 to 14 this coming July. Did you see the cars of the last edition?
Engines and design

The new Bristol could have four electric motors, one per wheel, and a small generator combustion Wankel engine to extend battery life. The body design is created to Bristol by an external consultant who designed a body “wedge” under the name of Frazer-Nash Namir for.

This body achieves taut lines with an angular, sloping windshield as prototype of Namir, a concept powered by four electric motors and the gasoline engine Wankel along with a lithium-ion battery located beneath the floor. So, what is more correct to call it an electric car Namir Hybrid?

According to the manufacturer, recorded only 60 g / km i.e. an average distance of about 40 km / liter, numbers that leave us speechless when compared to other models, but as representative of Namir’s performance, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of over 300 km / h as the Bra bus ML 63 AMG.

Corporate statements
Returning to the new model of Bristol, currently owned by the Frazer-Nash which states on its website that “in the best tradition of Bristol, the new model will have a hybrid engine which contains the best of modern British engineering. The battery charge will come from an electrical outlet or the internal combustion engine and no mechanical differential. The result will be a luxury car without equal. ”
This sports car firm was founded in 1947 at the plant located on the outskirts of Bristol from which it takes its name, and who participated in the competition of Formula 1 as an engine supplier in the fifties.

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