New Mercedes Class E

| February 6, 2013

New Mercedes Class E: Rates for Spain. The first units of the new Mercedes E-Class will start delivering in the month of April, at a price of 42,500 euros part of the range diesel Mercedes E200 CDI with 136 hp, and closes with the Mercedes E63 AMG S-Model 585 4Matic CV AT por142.000 euros in petrol version.

New Mercedes Class E

The new E-Class, which will appear in the Spanish market from third quarter 2013 expected, with new designs, efficient range of engines and equipped with the latest in security systems. Now accepting orders for the new Mercedes E-Class range.

In April, the new E-Class
From next April will be available in the official points of concession from the German company, the new E-Class saloon and estate. Though in order to facilitate the first deliveries and accepting orders for both versions and have all made official prices for both diesel ranges as for gasoline.

If you choose the familiar body , recommended prices ranging from 1,700 and 6,400 euros higher than the sedan, according to engine choice and the taxes of each country . The E-Class family with the highest starting price correspond E63 AMG with 557 hp traction total, around 129,000 euros. Although it is the top end, we see all prices.

Prices range diesel
Recommended prices in the Spanish market for diesel range, is comprised of the following versions:
Mercedes E200 CDI 136 hp € 42,500
Mercedes E200 CDI 136 hp AT € 45,527
Mercedes E200 CDI ECO 136 hp € 43,650
Mercedes E220 CDI 170 hp € 45,350
Mercedes E220 CDI 170 hp AT € 48,377
Mercedes E250 CDI 204 hp € 51,550
Mercedes E250 CDI 204 hp AT € 54,577
Mercedes E250 CDI 4Matic AT 204 hp € 57,600
Mercedes E300 CDI BlueTec AT 231 hp € 56,650
Mercedes E350 CDI BlueTec AT 252 hp € 59,550
Mercedes E350 CDI 252 hp BlueTec 4Matic AT € 64,650

Prices range gasoline
In relation to prices in Spain of the petrol range, is the following list:
Mercedes E200 184 hp € 45,300
Mercedes E200 AT 184 hp € 48,327
Mercedes E250 AT 211 hp € 50,425
Mercedes E300 AT 252 hp € 55,400
Mercedes E300 4Matic AT 252 hp € 61,675
Mercedes E350 AT 306 hp € 59,900
Mercedes E350 4Matic AT 306 hp € 64,825
Mercedes E500 AT 408 hp € 84,400
Mercedes E500 4Matic AT 408 hp € 88,000
Mercedes E63 AMG 557 hp AT € 121,200
557 hp Mercedes E63 AMG 4Matic AT € 126,000
Mercedes E63 AMG S-Model 585 CV AT € 139,000
Mercedes E63 AMG S-Model 585 4Matic CV AT € 142,000

2013 mercedes e class

These are prices of new E-Class except E400 petrol versions, which have not been reported by the German manufacturer. The engine will be repeated in almost all models, is the new engine three-liter twin-charger, capable of developing 333 hp and rear wheel drive 4Matic , while the transmission is associated with automatic

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