Nissan Hi-Cross: Filtration of the patent

| January 28, 2013

Nissan Hi-Cross: Filtration of the patent. At last year’s Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese firm Nissan showed us the Hi-Cross Concept model when it’s released should fit right into the Nissan range between the Qashqai and the Murano, as indirect successor would replace the Nissan Primera and X-Trail. Often, after the concept car appears in series production model, and these leaks published by a Chinese website of the future patent Nissan Hi-Cross, we can guess that will be manufactured in China. At first glance, it retains the volumes and aesthetic features of the concept car, because they are pretty close to the factory. Will in Geneva or Frankfurt, 2013? Find out…


Filtration Nissan Hi-Cross

At last year’s Geneva Motor Show 2012, Nissan unveiled attendees sample engine, the concept car of an SUV, Nissan called Hi Cross. Currently, after the filtration of the patent, the prototype could be very close to hitting the market as a production model, since all states that will become the next generation of Nissan X-Trail, as well we predict the latest leaks directly from the patent office.

According to the manufacturer itself officially announced, the Hi-Cross Concept Nissan has “work to uncover the new design language for the crossover range of the Japanese firm” , although these images as render, that come from a page Chinese web, show us something else: The Nissan Hi Cross will become the new Nissan X-Trail . The design of the SUV will be true to the concept, with a few tweaks insurmountable to arrange for all official Nissan dealers.

Some features

Regarding the dimensions of future Nissan X-Trail, but until now known as Nissan Hi-Cross, will be close to 4.66 meters long, 1.85 meters wide of the concept, with a height of 1.67 m 2.78 m wheelbase . The Nissan Hi-Cross proposes to a seven seats in three rows of seats that surely will also offer the X-Trail 2014, while the propulsion system will be the responsibility of a hybrid system, with 2.0 petrol engine and lithium-ion of lithium.

The future model will join the segment of SUV s, the 2013 Mitsubishi Out lander and Hyundai Santa Fe. Regarding the range of Murano, its mechanics grow a hybrid, the gasoline engine with direct injection 2.0 block power through a continuously variable transmission, the concept.


At first glance, retains the volumes and aesthetic features of the concept car, as it is quite close to its entrance to the factory. The question that remains is whether we will see the SUV at the Geneva Motor Show in Frankfurt or 2013. Discover, in the patent filtration…

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