Repair of components and systems for cars.

| February 14, 2013
  • Repair of components and systems:
  • Suspension repairs
  • Repair of brake systems
  • Repair of cooling systems
  • Repair exhaust systems
  • Repair of electrical equipment

Repair of components and systems for

  • Aggregate repair:
  • Repair of internal combustion engine
  • Repair manual transmission;
  • Repair of an automatic gearbox
  • Repair steering racks
  • Repair power steering systems
  • Repair of starters
  • Generator repair.

Prices valid
Car repair stations in the network after-sales service “AvtoSTOlitsa” is made in strict accordance with automakers. In the process of repairing a car considered its design features, and characteristic faults identified in the process of diagnosing the car. The diagnosis at our stations is given special attention as a quality car repair is possible only if found not only failure but the cause. We understand that auto repair – is a demanding job that can be fulfilled only by professionals provided the use of modern diagnostic and repair equipment.

1Repair of components and systems for cars, car repairs aggregate

Need for service arises after the accident, however, may need to repair the car in the case of damage to the vehicle due to negligence, wear some units in operation and even due to a defect of the vehicle manufacturer. But in any case our experts are able to ensure that the full range of services, including complex aggregate and fine body repair car.

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