Safety Rule’s for Driving

| February 20, 2013


This is clearly shown by the numbers of victims every year we must regret one of the highest in the world relating to fleet and the number of inhabitants. So it is we drafted a road map that we consider useful to you car trying to contribute with the means at our disposal to a more orderly and secure transit. If you are interested to know brief information about truck driving schools you could choose here.


  • Respect traffic rules.
  • Always use seat belts.
  • Take the under 12 always in the back seat of the car and depending on age weight and size in specific chairs for children. Sitting properly at the controls of the car adjusting seat and mirrors;
  • Do not drink alcohol before driving and rest well before a long trip.


  •  Do not drive if you are taking any drug that can cause drowsiness.
  • If you have symptoms of sleep or excessive tiredness, stop.
  • At night with the lights low transit or cross and not just the position the function of the lights not only see the road but others see it more easily.
  • Circular paying attention to the development of traffic as far forward as possible to anticipate or braking maneuver;
  • Before changing lanes or turn mirrors verify the presence of other vehicles always advising the maneuver with intermittent.
  • Slow down and pay more attention on retail floors adhesion (wet, mud, snow, etc.).To know details information about safe driving and training you could visit  truck driving jobs with training.

Defensive Driving

The ideal driving position is:

  • Arms slightly bent at an angle of approximately 130 or 140 degrees.
  • Legs also slightly bent so as to allow a proper support across the sidewalk and when you pedal is not fully stretched.
  • Back against all the support allowing the edges exert a correct seat restraint. Some driving school provides logistics management support.
  • The backrest angle should be as vertical as possible (in the style of rally drivers) allowing proper back support and head restraint distance no greater than 9 cm.
  • The distance to the controls must be one that allows steering and trigger shifter (5th gear) without opening the back of the backrest.
  • The legs should never touch the steering wheel, much less to operate the brake pedal.

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