Security Systems: AEB or Autonomous Emergency Braking

| August 6, 2012

The AEB or autonomous emergency braking is one of the active safety systems, more advanced, as it is able to slow the vehicle after detecting a collision risk, without the driver having to intervene at all in the action. This active safety system incorporates intelligent radar technology, which identifies the obstacles in the distance, along with a location database, signals, crosswalks, etc.

AEB or Autonomous Emergency Brake

Thus, AEB is the acronym of ‘Autonomous Emergency Braking‘. This is one of the active security systems more developed; including the novel BAS, since in itself reduces the speed of the vehicle after collision risk detection and without driver intervention.

As for this new intelligent active safety system, as well as help curb a rise in pressure in an emergency braking, also operates completely independently of the driver to prevent an imminent collision.

collision warning brake support

For this, use a radar technology to identify potential obstacles we meet along the way. In addition, this security system should be mandatory in all new vehicles in EU from November 1, 2015, along with other systems such as the ECG or the ESP.

Automatic braking

Also, the automatic brake is a device built into new vehicles, with which they detect impending collisions with other obstacles, whether a vehicle, person, or a general danger. Farewell to the violations or collisions.

This tool works by applying the brakes to stop the vehicle without driver intervention, and according to the manufacturer may incorporate sensors, radar, video, infrared or ultrasonic technology.

This tool can detect fixed hazards, such as posts or vertical signals traffic through a database location. In the case of intervention by the driver to avoid collision by a maneuver as stepping on the brake pedal or move the address, the device is disabled.

In addition, the automatic braking system is designed for urban environments to no more than 30 km / h , an oversight does not end in rear-end collision, as this system is pending in our environment, with a maximum ten meters in front of our car and if you find that we approach a strangely alarming speed brakes to avoid collision.

Automobile safety systems

  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB): A device that automatically applies the brakes at imminent risk of collision.
  • Another name by manufacturer: Active City Stop, CMBS, CMS, PCS, Pre-crash, Pre-safe or Pre-Sense
  • Inventor and Year: Mercedes-Benz in 2002

In short, these active safety systems make life easier, it should incorporate more and all cars manufactured, and even to add it to cars shorter than the 3 or 5 years, used to save lives. Discover the AEB or autonomous emergency braking, this video of EuroNCAP.

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