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| September 18, 2011

If the car has a defect, the question often arises: Which workshop should we take the car? For new cars, even for the valid warranty or guarantee, the question is quickly answered: Take your car to a dealership. There you can solve the problems properly and possibly will not even exchanged under warranty expendable part falling on goodwill.

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After the warranty is worth it even once to look at independent garages. It is best to ask your acquaintances for good addresses. However some repairers are also apparent after the warranty accommodating in some cases. But the older the car gets, the more interesting workshops are free.

Specialist companies are looking:

For specific tasks, it is also worthwhile to seek specialist companies, such as for body work or problems with the electrics. Can often offer their services cheaper than general workshops.

Checklist for writing workshop:

If your car has become the customer service in the workshop must, then all points processed by the manufacturer. Moreover, there are still little things that you noticed in recent times. The best way to go about it like this. Leave for this purpose in the car a little notepad and a pen in the car.

As soon as you can think of something that should be repaired or tested, write a corresponding random point on this list. Do you agree then with the workshop of the appointment, take the block as a memory aid to hand out and discuss all the points collected.

It’s not a bad idea if you make a list of little problems and deliver them in the delivery of the vehicle or be visible in your car. That is one part of the master craftsman or a mechanic a handy to-do list and you can always rely on if the shop has not done anything.

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