Startup Repair: What to do with black and red? Explosion hazard in false bridge

| January 21, 2012

In the cold winter months some car battery starts to go on strike. Who wants to wait for the congested breakdown service then forever, can make itself again afloat his car. All it takes to do this, is a starter cables and a friendly other road users, which can be readily tap into his battery. Are you really sure that it is so simple? You know where the red and where is the black cable? And which of the two cars must be connected first? We tell you how it is safe to bring a car to work and why the cable thickness is also important.


“Definitely not the black wire …”

Turn off first of all the ignition and all current consumers at both vehicles. In turned down motors first connect the red cable with the plus Poland of the donor rechargeable battery as well as the unloaded battery. Clamp subsequently the black cable at the minus pole of the full battery, then the second end at a polished metal part – about the motor block – the Disabled vessel. “On no case at all the black cable at the minus pole of the empty current storage connects”, warns TUV Rhineland power trip expert Hans Ulrich Sander. “For through possible spark development in that on and clamping of the cable pairs of pliers at the pole crack gases can become inflamed”. In an incorrect sequence, an explosion threatens in the worst case. Subsequently the motor of the donor must first of all and after that of the unloaded started become.

Disconnect in the reverse order

If the engine of the car breakdown is running again, turn on a strong consumer as the rear window heater, because the releasing of the clamps can occur in the electrical system voltage spikes that threaten the electronic components. Then disconnect the cable, but in reverse order – first black, then red. Finally, the additional load off again and continue several miles. Thus, the battery can regenerate.


What is to look for in hybrid cars

In hybrid vehicles, the jumper functions on the same principle. The car, however, requires only a low current pulse to enable the hybrid system. The internal combustion engine need not necessarily start. The energy demand is so low that the battery would be already enough of a scooter. On the other hand, the manufacturers advise because of the overall weaker sized wiring from them, starting with help to make hybrid vehicles.

At least 16 square millimeters

“Comply with the jumper cables, the DIN standard 72 553 or ISO 6722nd in addition, the cable must always have a minimum cross section of 16 square millimeters, with engines of 2.5 liter and diesel generators better 25 square millimeters. These notes can be found on the packaging” explains the TUV expert.

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