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Cummins QSK95, a diesel engine of 4,000 hp and 16 cylinders

| June 27, 2012 | 0 Comments

Almost everything in this life is a matter of scale. Regarding engines would not be less, and yet each time, thanks to supercharging, electronic management and other technological advances, it is easier to get power from relatively small engines, the easiest solution when you want a good flow of horses from an engine without any […]

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Renault promises a surprise for GoodWood

| June 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

In the past Monaco Grand Prix, Renault surprised us all with the return of Alpine, a return with an authentic flavor to circuit, with a prototype derivative DeZir, capable of reaching 400 horsepower with a weight of only 880 kg. Its appearance is a true reflection of the competition. Now, while still not even a […]

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