The Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

| August 21, 2012

People who are investing in their homes and want garage doors to last a lifetime usually opt for steel. They are durable and strong and last longer than timber or aluminium. While people were once slightly put off by the appearance of steel and favored the warm, natural look of timber, modern steel doors are now available with a wooden finish so that last for a long time and appeal to your aesthetic appreciation.

Some of the other advantages of using steel is that it does not crack or warp over time and it cannot be broken apart by the forces of nature either. Steel is pretty impenetrable and steel garage doors do not rust but are said to last the same amount of time as your house. One of the drawbacks to using steel is that it can fade but it’s a small concession in light of its other strengths. Another of the disadvantages of having steel garage doors is that if they do get damaged they can be difficult and expensive to repair and you may end up replacing them. But, the chances of it getting damaged are pretty slim or at least smaller than if you were using any other kind of material.

The highest quality steel garage doors are usually insulated with polyurethane foam which means they can keep the garage warm during the winter months and drop the temperature during the summer. The polyurethane also keeps the door lighter weight which means it operates quietly.

Premium quality steel doors are around two inches thick and consist of lots of insulation with a covering of 24-gauge steel. For those who are shopping on a budget and want something a little more cost-effective you can get doors made from 28-gauge steel which will perform better than aluminium but costs less than premium steel. As a general rule the lower the number the higher the quality and the longer you can expect the doors to last.

Steel garage doors are lower maintenance than timber and provide insulation benefits that aluminium cannot emulate. For people who are willing to spend a little extra they do provide more security and reliability than any other kind of material. Of course, as with anything, the higher the quality, the higher the price so you can expect to pay a bit more but, when you consider that they should last you forever, it certainly makes for a sensible investment.

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