Time for summer tires!

| March 29, 2012

A. T. U knows why one should change now on summer tire
The spring gives now throughout Europe full gas. For driver, it means now again: Away with the winter tires, here with the summer tires. For now it becomes slow time to adapt its tires directly to the higher temperatures.

Why every car owner in a timely manner should switch in the warmer season on summer tires? A.T.U, European market leader in automotive service, lists the three most important reasons.

1. Summer tires exhibit a shorter braking distance. A car with winter tires available at rate 100, dry roadway and 20 degrees outside temperature after 56 meters, with summer tires however after 38 meters. This difference of 18 meters (32 percent), which can be crucial in an emergency. Also, summer temperatures can damage enormously winter tyres, which have heat damage to the treads and side walls. At worst, even the tire bursts.

Time for summer tires

Switch and save on summer tires

2. Summer tires save money and protect the environment here. To use winter tires in the summer continue to leads to a higher up to 20 percent wear by abrasion reinforced, which can then later tear a larger hole in the left. With a mileage of 10,000 km and warm weather, a summer tires in the same wear and tear creates whopping 2,000 kilometers more than a winter tires. Who wants to go in the summer not on summer tires, needs more fuel in addition up to five percent. Because of lower rolling resistance-carbon goes back, making favorable for the environment and use summer tires.

Secure with summer tires

3. Summer tires shine with greater comfort. Allow at temperatures of more than seven degrees summer tires, thanks to the materials used and the specific profile more comfortable ride and better handling. Help, especially at higher speeds the car summer tires markedly more stable and thus safer driving behavior.

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