Tips for buying a new car

| February 1, 2012

Buying a new car is a decision that you want to apply for years. It is also the decision what financial resources should invest and can a buyer. Financing is necessary and if so, where and on what terms.

The legal requirements for new car buyers are not as complicated as in the used car purchase. The “general terms and conditions for the sale of new motor vehicles and trailers (NWVB)”, the basis of any contract of sale shall apply. So a sales contract comes off only then if the merchant accepts the order within a period of four weeks or delivers the ordered vehicle. New car buyers must know however that stands in the courtyard of the dealer the car, and then must take it and pay as agreed. To not this for some reason also always the dealer may request a compensation payment of about 15 percent.

Buying a new car

To avoid such a case, one should not make the decision in advance on a new car purchase easy and tap off any purchase criteria exactly. This includes not only the price of a new car, but also the monthly or annual maintenance costs, environmental standards and primarily the emissions if only because many cities impose without a badge is a driving ban and the decision whether a Diesel is the right vehicle. The resale value will be included in the calculation.

Another very important consideration is the safety of a new car. Who then sets the maximum value should be informed in appropriate journals or the Internet. Today there is hardly a car that was not a crash test. Example, there are already differences in the number of Airbags Which are mounted on the side doors and really should come as standard.

Tips on Buying a New Car

Roll over by the sluggish sales figures in Europe, the car manufacturers with special or additional services. It should not do without them. Those who are not on a special car brand has determined that has the largest selection of additional services such as sunroof, special seats, CD player, or even aluminum rims or maximum prices for the used vehicle.

However, it has set to a manufacturer, then you should definitely enter into negotiations with the dealer to get good discounts and they are now so high that persistence pays off in hard cash.

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