Tire mounting and balancing work

| February 12, 2013

Advantages of the tire fitting stations in the network after-sales service
1. Tire service in our network is carried out using the lifts, not rolling jack, ensuring correctness of all procedures and vehicle safety.

Tire mounting and balancing work

2. In case you were not able to enroll in your convenient time at one of our stations (due to the presence of the queue for entry), you can sign up for our other station, and we will deliver the wheel for mounting on that station, where you signed up for work.

3. Please note that after installing the new winter tire is recommended to collapse – a convergence. The collapse made on worn summer tires, leads to the fact that the new winter tire wear will be uneven and the life of new winter tires fall.

The cost of the collapse – convergence of our network see Service and maintenance work

4. Visitors to our site have the opportunity to order online summer tires and arrange the delivery of tires to the specified address. Order summer tires in the section “Directory of summer tires” and “Tire”.

When ordering products, including wheels and tires, the total amount of$99.51. Delivery in Moscow and St. Peters burg within the ring road is free. The cost of shipping outside of Moscow Ring Road is determined by the rate of 6 rubles per kilometer.

Cost of delivery in the city a suburb of St.
Delivery to other suburbs of St. Peters burg determined the rate of $0.03. Per kilo meter When ordering products, including wheels and tires for a total of less than $99.51 rubles:

Delivery to the suburbs of Moscow and other suburbs of St. Peters burg is determined from the rate of $ 9.95+ $0.03 per kilometer from the ring road. In other regions of the delivery is made by transport companies and postal services, price agreed separately.
5. We keep the wheels on a specialized stock.

Tire mounting and balancing work 01

Storage conditions
The minimum shelf life of wheels – 6 months the minimum number of wheels being taken for storage. Discount on a discount card for the service “Keeping the wheels” are not available.

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