Toyota Auris 2013: New line of accessories

| January 29, 2013

Toyota Auris 2013: New line of accessories. Following the television premiere of the new Toyota Auris spot of 2013, the Japanese firm unveils new line of accessories with over 60 references in its catalog, which is divided into configurable packages: Sport, Chrome, Air and Utility, which are already available in the Spanish market.


All these pack differently added items to the standard equipment of the hybrid. For example, Pack Air is available only to the hybrid variant. In addition, we leave you with the new Auris commercial spot, if you have not had a chance to see it. Discover the new range of accessories.

New line of accessories

The range of genuine accessories for the new Toyota Auris 2013 moves to another level of customization with over 60 references in catalog. It’s a new and complete range of accessories available to customize our model through configurable packages. These are:
Sport Pack: alloy wheels, rear spoiler and sports steps from the door in brushed aluminum

Pack Chrome: chrome side moldings and rear, fascia and trunk access in polished steel. Optionally, exhaust trim and an excellent range of alloy wheelsPack Air: Alone in the Hybrid version , alloy wheels 17 “doorways specific brushed aluminum” hybrid “textile mats” Blue “, LED interior ambient lighting in blue type, and a personalized key with the logo of the exclusive Toyota Hybrid System, Hybrid Synergy Drive


Pack Utility: Steps door, trunk mat and the protective plate access to the boot, to avoid shocks in the loading and unloading of objects or baggageCargo capacity increases due to roof racks, ski racks, bike racks and towbars . All this is already on sale in the Toyota granting points, which as you have come to the conclusion, is in the throes of promoting Auris 2013.

Already on sale

The Toyota Auris 2013 is the star component of the renewed offer of Toyota in the Spanish market, a proposal that included a review of its main models, Auris and Yaris aforementioned and the Prius, which also added to the familiar version Toyota Prius +, as announced in last September .

Some new versions further affecting the efficiency of the engine and content consumption, but without neglecting at all the interior, looks fairly valued in Europe to make a purchase decision. Look at your design.

Have you seen the commercial spot?

The new Toyota Auris spot facing directly to the advertising campaign developed by the firm Volkswagen, with its compact the Golf VII, recently as a few months ago. Auris’s announcement is a clear response to Toyota commercial straightforward, appealing directly to morality driver, their most intimate preferences.

Thus, Volkswagen uses as its slogan spot, the question of “what would our car if we could only have one life,” Toyota now responds to the German firm with the emblem “we need not all be the same”, highlighting as the main alternative to German compact. A great advertising idea, it will cast more “fuel to the fire” in this segment. See for yourself, in the commercial spot.

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