Toyota Avalon 2013: Powertrains and Performance

| December 9, 2012

One of the automakers that today remains among the most active is no doubt, Toyota, and the proof is that in the year 2012 has not been made to any vehicles update. Focusing in paragraph hybrid has expanded the range to get launch vehicles conforming to as many stakeholders as possible. We have been witnesses to the launch of GT-86 sports and SUVs are imposed more than ever with the new generation driven new Land Cruiser 200. But Toyota does not close for holidays and cars are still coming as one of them, the new Avalon.

In fact, the Toyota Avalon while most of us do not know it is a model that the manufacturer first launched in 2006 for the American territories. It has been updated to continue to offer a modern aesthetic, along with some benefits commensurate with the times at all times and with the arrival of the new generation, Toyota has set to give birth this model in Europe.


The renewal that this time he has had to suffer the Avalon is considerable as we see striking change that has received front the sedan. The fact that America’s own models have reached Europe, and also with good received, has prompted Toyota to invest in the Avalon in our territory. Thus, we find a new sedan, after the disappearance of the Avensis, as it now stands as only break option.

Powertrains and Performance

No new sedan comes only to the European family of Toyota, but does so with strength. We can say that if it is not confirmed the final name of this vehicle in our territory, we are sure that engines have to coincide with those found in the U.S. version.

First we have a 3.5 V6 DOHC that features variable valve timing with intelligence, as we have seen in other art models by Toyota. Get develop a power of 268 hp and maximum torque stands at 248 Nm. In this way, it opens up in a segment full of competitors fighting for the top positions.

But also have a hybrid system (HSD) which represents the latest evolution of the manufacturer in this regard. For this occasion using a 2.5 engine with a low pressure loss to further improve the efficiency, we knew about hybrids today, as the very Yaris Hybrid.

Toyota is joining forces to stay as most models the manufacturer is able to sell in a year. In Europe it is known that host can have the Avalon, but the manufacturers are positive forecasts, and apparently seen, everything suggests that if you find the aspect that the European public want for vehicle characteristics as those presented by the Avalon’s new generation. Once the vehicle has been released, we can determine how successful it is.

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