What to do about ice on the windshield wipers?

| September 6, 2011

The windshield wipers are just important in the winter when the rains are heavy and it makes for clear visibility on dark roads must. Therefore, they must function smoothly and not allowed to fail but just the wiper blades of the wipers in the winter often affected by problems caused by snow and ice.

remove ice on car

To defrost the wiper blades:

Icy winter wiper blades are among the issues on the vehicle, many drivers encounter every year. If the wiper blades are frozen, it can help the disc heating the windshield before driving to turn and try to get rid of the ice in this way.

If it is simply minor frostbite, heat the windshield at it often helps to melt it. If necessary, you can try to press the wiper blades by hand against the heated plate and thus to accelerate the process.

If the vehicle does not have a heated windshield wiper blades can be with a blow dryer on the hottest days of the release level glaciations. This will take a little while longer, but also brings good results.

Light, icing can be solved to some extent also with dental floss. This method may well be used in combination with a heated front screen, if you’re in a hurry and do not wait until the windshield can alone achieve the de-icing. This warms the icing before you first and then pulls the floss gently over the wiper blades. The icing will be solved gradually and can be removed by the heat faster. Under no circumstances should you rasp with the tooth side at one point the ice, because you risk, the wiper blades to make too blunt at the next car you will notice that you must replace the wiper blades.

Wiper Fold:

To prevent frozen wiper blades, it may help to fold the windshield wipers at night in snow and also during the day to do this if possible. If the vehicle can not be placed in the garage and the weather’s mercy, the icing of blades caused by the fact that the snow deposited on them and overlaid on and on. This is the pressure on the lower layers of snow on the wiper blades and more it crystallizes gradually even a high-quality anti-freeze can help only a small extent.

However, the wipers are lifted up, snow can not get to the wiper blades and it is also not to frostbite. Motorists should always know the current weather in order to prevent problems in the early morning if possible can.

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