What to do with clogged fuel line?

| March 20, 2010

As part of regular servicing and maintenance intervals on a car is the subject of “clogged fuel line” have little meaning, because the components are always replaced. Depending on the type of vehicle, these may be in addition to primary and secondary main fuel filters, special filters or side-line filters.

If the vehicle is then operated on a regular basis, should the risk of blockage or clogging the fuel line below average low.

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Risk in long-standing Cars:

In contrast, however, it looks for vehicles that are unused for long periods or be moved only very rarely on the road, such as season-car or cars at auto dealers. In the rarest cases this fact into account and adequate precautions are taken. Particularly prone to clogging the fuel system in this context are vehicles with diesel engines, gasoline engines but also are at risk.

Why can clog the fuel system?:

On the one hand can be leaking or damaged fuel filter inside the reason that dirt particles, which are always in the fuel ( gasoline or diesel are), adjust in the fuel lines. Primarily this is done in the immediate area of ​​the fuel filter. In exceptional cases, a faulty fuel pump strainer clogging of the way to the filter completely, because the dirt is then sucked in the tank unfiltered.

To some degree, the fuel pump to compensate for the increasing congestion in the fuel line by their own pressure, before it either to pump failure or total blockage occurs. The lower the temperatures here are, the more likely it will drop. This is especially true for diesel vehicles to.

What to do if the fuel line is clogged?

Needs first to ensure that all fuel filters are removed from the system and the fuel pump has not been drawn too much affected. The pump hose should be pulled off with no problems and above all the noise without significant support from the fuel tank. If so, can it begin to clean the fuel line.

This requires that all secondary fuel hoses are disconnected in the engine compartment of the rigid fuel line so that they can not be corrupted and the system is open at the front. Now you can promote the fuel pump for a few seconds. Usually solves the dirt by the improved pressure and the line is already released.

For safety, also by means of a compressor, the line can be freely blown, but this is not usually necessary. Depending on the number of filter points, this work is to be repeated each until all sections are free. Soiled or aged fuel is natural to replace in the run-up to work towards clean.

Bring this work is no improvement, then another attempt will be made before the renewal of the entire fuel filter to clear the line by a very thin spiral or a vibration mechanism (eccentric) to mechanically, in some circumstances can succeed, however, is associated with considerable effort.

After completion of all work and use of new fuel filter is to ensure adequate ventilation of the entire fuel system. This is particularly important for diesel vehicles is of great importance.

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