Why do you need four-wheel drive?

| October 2, 2011

Not only for real SUVs has four-wheel-drive sense. Even the fashionable SUV ride it better, even if the majority of buyers, the 2WD models (2 wheel drive = 2-wheel drive) is preferred. Also pick-up trucks, these are the open cargo bed with the are better served with all-wheel drive. And even ordinary passenger cars have in everyday life with four-wheel drive significant benefits.

It’s not just about the accidental jamming in a snowdrift, but the driving behavior in general. Four driven wheels provide extra security in the winter anyway, in the wet as well, with hill starts, when towing a trailer, fully loaded, with loose gravel and more.

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What types of four-wheel drive is the right one?

Before you decide to purchase a vehicle with four-wheel-drive, but you should be clear about it, for what purpose you need the vehicle mainly. Then decides that is also the system of all-wheel drive. Basically there are three four-wheel systems: constant, switched on manually and automatically switch.

Permanent four wheel drive means that all four wheels are driven. The Japanese company of Subaru, the largest all-wheel manufacturer in the world, basically equips nearly all of its cars with four-wheel drive. Advantage: The power is always there when you need it. No delay in power-up, but always and everywhere instant readiness of all wheel drive system. Disadvantage: As driven constantly both axes – whether on dry highway or the bread get in the city – the fuel consumption is significantly higher than the two-wheeled vehicle-drive.

The manually selectable four-wheel drive system is the “real” affordable SUV. Typical example: The small inconspicuous Suzuki Jimny. Here the rider decides for itself when all the wheels to be driven. Advantage: In normal driving mode can be dispensed with the gas-guzzling four-wheel drive. Disadvantage: The driver can be wrong even once with respect to the substrate. Then he must act quickly.

Four-wheel drive automatically when you leave the actions of the electronics. Shows when the additional driving force of the other axis is necessary and it turns on automatically. This is the most expensive system. But beware, there are also differences. For example, the Honda CR-V, the electronics are too slow, as is pre-programmed hard drive. Remains absolutely brilliant: The foolproof, automatic system unmatched by Land Rover and Range Rover.

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